Applying Quant Philosophies

We take methodology and proprietary technology that has been tested and proven in global trading markets at massive scale, and apply it to solve business problems. Our methods reach beyond data analysis and pattern recognition, and mobilize the power of prediction to build stronger, smarter, and more resilient businesses.

Part of the WorldQuant Ecosystem

Part of the WorldQuant Asset Management family, WorldQuant Predictive uses proven approaches and technologies from global equity & risk markets, repurposing it to solve for business and societal challenges.

Humans & Technology = Resilient Predictions at Scale

Deep expertise in structuring business problems into prediction problems and selecting appropriate testing methodology is required as a first step in generating predictive models. Once that is combined with proprietary technology that automates manual processes, it enables organizations to get to the “finish line” in their predictive modeling lifecycle. We offer data science expertise, prediction products, and a collaborative platform to help organizations make better data-driven decisions.

Dr. James Golden is the CEO of WorldQuant Predictive. WQP is reimagining data science and ML for prediction. Dr. Golden’s focus is building a world class research and delivery organization, partnering with leading organizations to improve decision-making.

James Golden, Ph.D.