WorldQuant Predictive

We are a data science company that leverages a pioneering combination of proven
machine learning, AI, and quantitative finance approaches to help clients solve
their toughest business challenges.

Built On a Legacy of Success

WorldQuant Predictive has developed approaches to making predictions at scale based on established principles that have been tested and proven for many years in quantitative finance. Many of these methods were successfully pioneered by Igor Tulchinsky, founder and CEO of WorldQuant Asset Management. Our team leverages these approaches to solve for predictive challenges that exist today across a range of industries.

Meet Our Team

The WorldQuant Predictive team brings together a diverse group of world-class experts in technology, data science, mathematics, machine learning and AI.

Igor Tulchinsky


Founder, Chairman and CEO of the global quantitative asset management firm WorldQuant

James Golden, Ph.D.


Seasoned healthcare executive with deep experience in AI and machine learning

Thiam H. Lee, Ph.D.

Head of Research

Quant finance veteran specializing in machine learning and operations research

Slava Frid


Award-winning tech leader in AI and platform architectures development development

Global Research Network

Our Global Research Network (GRN) is a virtual team of driven, dedicated researchers and data scientists from around the world who are passionate about solving complex problems. Depending on the project or problem at hand, we can access this deep pool of diverse talent to scale resources up or down as needed.
GRN members have backgrounds in advanced AI, machine learning, data modeling, and data science. Our global team collaborates via an open cloud platform, accelerating the pace of discovery and ensuring that solutions generated are free from bias.

News & Articles

Predictive analytics and data-driven technologies are experiencing rapid growth and development on a daily basis. Read on to learn about the newest insights and trends in our industry.