Unique Approach for Resilient Models

We frame critical business challenges as prediction problems and solve them through improved signal detection & modeling, leveraging proprietary technologies and a Global Research Network. 

Solving for Gaps Across the Modeling Life-cycle

Problem structure, testing methodology as well as automation of manual processes are critical to building a scalable prediction operation. Gaps exist today in tools and methodology that prevent organizations from realizing their investments in predictive analytics. We fill in those gaps and provide robust solutions for both data science teams and the business end-users.

Enhancing Data Science Teams

Our Global Research Network (GRN) provides expertise across every critical step in the predictive modeling lifecycle. Our proprietary technology enables for automation of final steps to ensure speed to value and ROI.

Business Problems to Predictive Problems

Provide expertise to properly structure problems into prediction problems, and to identify ideal testing methods to match business KPIs. 

Management Console for ROI

Managers can view and manage all analytics projects and investments, with visibility in cost per prediction, resource assignments, model performance, and more…

Automation of Testing & Validation

Automation of testing and validation is critical for pre-production and post-production, ensuring reliable and resilient predictive model output.

Collaborative Knowledge Sharing

Problem structure and methodology is published for sharing across teams, and a searchable repository of libraries is included for re-use across multiple use cases.

Enabling Action From Prediction

We empower the end-users on our client’s teams with the predictions, insights, and recommendations delivered to support and optimize their ongoing decision making process.

Prediction Products

Industry tested models available as turn-key solutions for critical operational and strategic decisions. 


Proprietary methodology to enable what-if simulations and automatic prescriptions for optimizing business decisions.

Custom Deliverables & UIs

We integrate our predictions and prescriptions into client’s workflows delivered through intuitive online interfaces or within native BI solutions.