Assortment & Innovation

Offer the right mix of products and maximize returns from innovation products.


Predicting Customer Preferences

We help clients discover how shoppers navigate each category and quantify how they make trade-off decisions based on the characteristics of the products. Our proprietary approach identifies competitive sets in each category and predict how customers substitute or complement items in their baskets. We also prescribe optimal ranges including innovative products to maximize KPIs for the whole portfolio.

Proven Approach

We deploy proprietary algorithms to identify product association rules on historical transactions using data from specialist providers or directly from our clients.

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Customer Decision

Visually depict how shoppers navigate the category and what drives trade-off purchasing decisions outlining competitive sets (switching boxes) in the market structure.

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Quantify the loyalty factor associated with each SKU as well as percentage of the demand for each product which transfers to other (substitutable) products in the portfolio.

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Market Basket

Identify which products are more likely to be purchased in the same basket and which products are drivers or cross-sell.


Optimal Product Mix

We empower our clients to continuously optimize their portfolio of products and services by identifying redundant sections in the product range and by revealing niches in the market for new products and innovation. Our predictive approach delivers actionable insights that category managers need to maximize the value gained from their portfolio.

Prediction Products

We solve problems across industries. Our turn-key solutions enable business users to make optimal decisions. We deliver intuitive UIs and integrate with existing workflows.

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Prices & Discounts

We quantify how consumers will react to price and discount changes under various market conditions.

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Promo & Marketing

Calculate the effect of promo and marketing activities on sales and quantify the expected lift from each.

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Customers & Prospects

We enable teams to better convert leads, increase the lifetime value of customers, and avoid customer churn.

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Demand & Location

Forecasting product sales and predicting the economic potential of certain zip codes and regions for companies.

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