Solving Prediction Challenges

Most Advanced Analytics projects fail to make it to the “finish line” and continue as never-ending research projects. Today’s best in class tools and methodology leave gaps in critical areas. We fill in those gaps.

Knowledge, Data & Technology

We enable collaborative structuring & testing of analytical problems, provide alternative data blends, a technology platform for scaling & maintaining production models, and deliver turn-key Prediction Products directly for the end-user.

Collaboration: Platform Open to All Users

The collaborative platform offers the sharing of critical knowledge across teams and this grows as a valuable asset. Knowledge stays in-house as employees exit organizations. Analytics Managers have visibility into all projects and cost.

Data: 3rd Party Data Blend

We invest in alternative data sources (commercial and open-source), and pre-build models that are applicable to our client and partner business problems. This enables for faster speed to value and provides resiliency boosters for post-production models, to ensure that business users have the most accurate and fresh predictions for their decisions.

Automation: Testing & Validation at Scale

Automation of testing & validation steps, using proprietary technology, enables faster speed to value, and mitigates the risk of model decay. It also prevents bias from leaking into the predictions.

ROI: Minimizing Prediction Costs

Advanced Analytics managers are able to run their operations with a true P&L and manage their projects just like an investment portfolio. Our pricing models align with our clients goals: to have resilient models in use by the business.

Empowering Business Users: Prediction Products

We offer prediction products as end-to-end solutions to enable non-technical business users to gain value from our predictive approaches. Decision makers use our custom UIs and other deliverables to aid their decision making process with accurate predictions and actionable prescriptions for optimizing their KPIs.