AI for Good

AI is a powerful tool for generating accurate predictions, and we believe it can do even more – AI can help create good in society. WorldQuant Predictive is committed to using AI, our team, talents, and resources to making the planet a better place for all.

Bridging the Economic and Digital Divide in Memphis, Tennessee

We are a proud supporter of CodeCrew, an innovative and game-changing non-profit based in Memphis, Tennessee. CodeCrew empowers youth and adults from communities who are underrepresented in the tech world to be innovators and producers through practical, hands-on computer science education and training.

It is led by Meka Egwuekwe, a visionary entrepreneur dedicated to creating a strong Black middle class by teaching computer science and coding to children and adults. Graduates from CodeCrew’s training program see their income rise from approximately $15K to $50K annually, without a college degree. The impact Egwuekwe and his team are creating is deep and real.


"I am so thankful to the WorldQuant Predictive team for believing in our mission and vision at CodeCrew. Our growing partnership is not only transforming the lives of burgeoning young tech producers, but also keeping our nation competitive through equipping and elevating new levels of highly qualified and diverse talent."

– Meka Egwuekwe, Executive Director


XPRIZE Pandemic Response Challenge

We believe in the power of many great minds, both artificial and humans working together to find radical breakthroughs to tame scary, daunting things that affect us all. Like pandemics. WorldQuant Predictive is excited to partner with XPRIZE and Cognizant on the Pandemic Response Challenge. Given access to a powerful, exclusive AI platform, competing teams will generate evidence-based, actionable plans to help decision-makers safely reopen their societies and economies. Learn more here.


Milken Institute’s FasterCures Early Warning System Initiative

We are honored to be a member of the advisory group for Milken Institute’s FasterCures initiative to create a global “early warning system” to track and respond to pathogens that could prompt a pandemic. The effort seeks to develop and put in place a framework to identify and monitor such global threats. The advisory group consists of experts from around the world covering the nonprofit, academic, finance, drug and diagnostic development, and technology communities.