Quanto™ for CPG

AI for Revenue Growth Management (RGM)

We deliver AI-powered predictions directly to business users, empowering them to run simulations and optimize their decision making with our intuitive analytic app.

CPG marketers now can replace the slow and inaccurate conventional approaches with highly accurate, continually updated AI predictions.


Demand forecasting | Pricing and Promo Optimization

Preconfigured with AI models and vast sets of external data, Quanto for CPG provides full functionality on day one, enabling marketers to:

Predict demand, emerging trends and sell-through effectiveness

Optimize prices, discounts, assortment and marketing activities

Explain the impact of competitive and economic forces


WQP arms marketers with continuously accurate predictions, and "what-if" scenario planning capabilities to optimize decision making:

Predict demand for any group of products

Simulate the impact of changing factors such as discounts, inflation and even Covid-19 outbreaks 

Optimize RGM levers on an ongoing basis



Immediate Access

Our data ecosystem only comprises third-party data, so insights are available on day one with no integration time required.

Continuous Accuracy

Our global network of data scientists develop models collaboratively,  revealing signals that others miss and improving accuracy. Ongoing testing and validation ensure our models remain accurate. 

Empowered Decision Makers

We deliver AI-powered predictions directly to business users in ready-made analytic apps, eliminating the need for internal analyst or data science resources. 


Interactive prescriptive analytics

CPG companies are facing rapidly shifting consumer behavior, upending the ability to accurately set prices, run profitable promotions, forecast demand and effectively manage advertising spend. There are many new factors that are impacting this shift, such as COVID-19 and rising prices. 

Read this case study to learn how a Fortune 500 pet food manufacturer uncovered $20M using new analytic methods, including interactive predictive analytics.