Predictive Decision Support For Your Brands

Say goodbye to guessing games and spreadsheets of expired data. Say hello to knowing what drives demand for your products in every market.


Effortlessly Predict and Simulate Demand… and So Much More

Accurately predict demand for your products and your competitors.’ Analyze by categories, channels, and region. Then optimize pricing, promotion and other marketing activities to increase your revenue.

Our ready-made AI requires none of your data. It’s pre-loaded with a massive set of curated alternative data sets, syndicated POS data, plus macro- and socioeconomic indicators.

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Why Is It Hard For Challenger Brands To Get Ahead?

Blindsided by Competitors

With less brand loyalty and rising prices, every adjustment by your competitors can impact your brand.

Dizzying Market Pace

Consumer preferences and the macro environment are changing faster than ever.

Limited Decision Support

Analytical resources and consumer insights are far too scarce.

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Go Way Beyond Demand Forecasting

Shift from being reactive to proactive. With Quanto you'll have a clear view of changes made by competitors, market changes, and the variables that will maximize your revenue and market share.

Check-mate your competition by predicting what they are likely to do and responding before it happens

Regain control by predicting optimal prices, discounts, assortment and marketing activities

Discover keys to reaching your goals by seeing what competitive and economic forces make the biggest impact on your outcomes

Stop Sifting Through Complicated Spreadsheets That Miss The Big Picture

No data? No data scientists? No problem. We've got it all covered.


From high-level forecasting to deep analysis on specific markets and SKUs, your team will always have a pulse on exactly what changes will grow revenue.

Predict demand for any group of products

Simulate the impact of changing factors such as discounts, inflation and black swan events

Optimize RGM levers on an ongoing basis

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Why Quanto?

Immediate Predictions

Our data ecosystem only comprises third-party data, so insights are available on day one with no integration time or security review required. Just sign in and get started.

Persistent Accuracy

Our global network of data scientists develop models collaboratively,  revealing signals that others miss and improving accuracy. Ongoing testing and validation ensure our models are always accurate. 

Empowered Decisions

Built for business users, our Insights are actionable and easy to digest without analysts or data scientists. Proven at Fortune 200 retail and CPG companies, and in the world of quantitative finance.


Interactive prescriptive analytics

CPG companies are facing rapidly shifting consumer behavior, upending the ability to accurately set prices, run profitable promotions, forecast demand and effectively manage advertising spend. There are many new factors that are impacting this shift, such as COVID-19 and rising prices. 

Read this case study to learn how a Fortune 500 pet food manufacturer uncovered $20M using new analytic methods, including interactive predictive analytics.