Customers & Prospects

Predict the preferences, needs, and behavior of customers to maximize shopper experience, promote loyalty, and improve KPIs.


Predict & Influence Shopper Behavior

We predict customer purchasing habits, preferences, and the likelihood of churn, as well as the expected lifetime value from new prospects. Our clients use this information to personalize marketing, improve cross-selling, and prioritize efforts on at-risk customers and on high-potential leads.

Proven Approach

We use advanced clustering and predictive methods to identify granular customer segments and predict the behavior of each.


Segmentation & Recommender System

Accurately segmenting customers by identifying current needs and recommending the best-next-message and offers to engage with.

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Churn Prediction & Lifetime Value

Identifying priority and at-risk customers, understanding the drivers of churn and predicting the expected value from each customer relationship.

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Lead Scoring & Market Opportunity Prediction

Identifying the most valuable individual prospects and their conversion rates, while predicting the market potential of entire segments.


Segments of “One”

Pulling together different aspects of customer behaviors and needs helps us craft a segment of “one” marketing strategy. This ensures that high-value customers remain loyal while customers at risk of churn are identified. Marketing teams further benefit from our approaches through the advanced personalization and real-time recommender systems our predictive approaches enable.

Prediction Products

We solve problems across industries. Our turn-key solutions enable business users to make optimal decisions. We deliver intuitive UIs and integrate with existing workflows.

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Assortment & Innovation

Proprietary models predict portfolio performance based on the combination of product features.

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Prices & Discounts

We quantify how consumers will react to price & discount changes under various market conditions.

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Promo & Marketing

Calculating the effect of promo and marketing activities on sales and quantify the expected lift from each.

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Demand & Location

Forecasting product sales and predicting the economic potential of certain zip codes and regions for companies.

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