EVERSANA and WorldQuant Predictive Significantly Improve Patient Adherence and Outcomes Through Real-Time Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Technology Partnership

CHICAGO – November 17, 2020 – EVERSANA™, the pioneer of next generation commercial services to the global life sciences industry, has partnered with WorldQuant Predictive (WQP), a market leader in quantitative predictions and data-driven decisions through a cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) platform, to improve the end result for patients.

The combination of WQP’s AI platform with the ACTICS by EVERSANA technology solution will dramatically increase patient adherence and outcomes by improving the precision of predictions, enabling proactive commercialization services to better reach and guide providers and patients.

WQP enables organizations to create and apply predictive solutions to large pools of third-party data without handing over proprietary assets, protecting both the data and patients’ privacy. Through the integration of WQP’s platform with ACTICS and EVERSANA’s end-to-end commercialization services, EVERSANA is now the only integrated commercialization services provider that can rapidly make predictions and take actions on the insights gleaned from linked electronic health records, claims, clinical trials and/or genomic data. This dramatically improves patient outcomes and transforms the patient experience.

ACTICS is being leveraged into the launch and commercialization strategies for multiple pharmaceutical and digital therapies and works seamlessly with EVERSANA’s integrated commercial services platform designed to solve global pricing, access, reimbursement, real-world evidence, adherence and product delivery challenges in the life sciences sector. Multiple pharmaceutical and digital therapies are leveraging ACTICS for launch and commercialization strategies.

 “We are very excited to partner with EVERSANA to improve delivery of vital medications to patients who need them,” said James Golden, Ph.D., CEO of WorldQuant Predictive. “Overlaying WQP’s platform, global research network, auto ML capabilities and enhanced data libraries will allow EVERSANA’S pharmaceutical clients to more precisely predict and enhance patient adherence. With this collaboration, EVERSANA can deliver better support for their commercial pharmaceutical customers, patients and providers.”

Through this multi-year partnership, EVERSANA is WQP’s preferred services partner for life sciences and will extend WQP’s platform and real-world data capabilities, with scaled commercialization, data and outcome science services for life sciences.

This partnership follows EVERSANA’s recent announcements outlining comprehensive data and infrastructure partnerships with Symphony Health, Compile and Datavant, positioning ACTICS by EVERSANA as a best-in-breed data and predictive technology. For more information, visit eversana.com/ACTICS.

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