Financial Services

Financial service companies—namely retail and commercial banks—turn to WorldQuant Predictive for accurate predictions to keep their bottom lines robust.

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Predictions Financial Institutions
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WorldQuant Predictive’s products help retail and commercial banks improve performance by reducing lending risk, maximizing growth and optimizing marketing ROI. The result? Financial institutions can achieve stronger organic growth, while decreasing default rates, and operate more efficient repayment cycles. Our prediction products also enable banks to realize improved margins through optimized pricing, reaching new customer segments, and having better ROI on the marketing side.

Credit Decisions & Loan Origination

Credit Default Monitoring & Management

Marketing Dollar Optimization

Enhanced Product Pricing

Prediction Products

Our unique AI platform, Quanto™, along with our Global Research Network of data scientists, intuitive UIs and workflow integration, enable companies to make rapid, optimal decisions at scale.


Credit Decisions & Loan Origination

  • Credit scorecard for businesses
  • Default prediction models
  • Alternative data enhancement, including open banking
  • Portfolio optimization

Credit Default Monitoring & Management

  • Credit default early warning system

  • Debt restructuring and collection system

  • Portfolio valuation


Marketing Dollar Optimization

  • Marketing spend optimization

  • Customer Lifetime Value models

  • Customer service next best actions

  • Micro-segmentation and campaign optimization


Enhanced Product Pricing

  • Price elasticity modeling

  • Price optimization for retail and business

  • Propensity of repayment under different price scenarios

How We Get There

WorldQuant Predictive pursues and leverages alternative third-party data to provide robust data repositories custom-made for each business challenge. These continuously strengthen the underlying prediction models. Our Global Research Network (GRN) of top data scientists creates resilient models based on the idea arbitrage philosophy pioneered by our parent company, WorldQuant. Our proprietary platform, Quanto™, enables fully automated testing, validation and mass ensembling for optimal time and highest accuracy per prediction.

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We simulate the impact of decision variables against our clients’ KPIs to test for optimal courses of action—in real time and at scale.



We frame business challenges as
prediction problems.



We create user-defined scenarios and “what-if” analyses.



We deploy a proprietary set of algorithms to find the mathematically optimal result.

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