Quanto™ for Financial Services


AI for Customer Acquisition

WorldQuant Predictive (WQP) uses AI-powered predictions to identify opportunities for business banks to grow revenue.

With WQP, you get visibility into the financial health of private companies, plus AI-fueled recommendations for targeting prospects and cross-selling to existing customers.

Reveal High Priority Targets

AI-powered recommendations for targeting prospects and cross-selling to existing customers, based on the finances and events of private companies. 

Enable Consultative Selling

Deliver the right message at the right time, offer personalized products and build better relationships. 

Simulate Impact to External Events

Expect the unexpected by understanding how rapidly changing macroeconomic conditions, such as inflation or COVID-19 outbreaks, will impact portfolio and prospects.


Our Data


active UK businesses


of business debt


macroeconomic indicators


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Immediate Access 

Our data ecosystem only comprises third-party data, so insights are available on day one with no integration time required.


Continuous Accuracy

Our AI-powered predictions are based on a comprehensive view of private company data - business potential, loan position and major events - analysed in concert with hundreds of macroeconomic indicators. Our data is constantly refreshed and models are continually refined.


Sales Team Empowerment

Our predictions are delivered in an easy-to-use interface that directly empowers relationship managers to be more effective. 


Opportunities for Growth in the UK Business Bank Industry

We've analysed macroeconomic factors and data on UK private companies - including balance sheet and transaction data and identified powerful predictive signals. Download this study, published in Business Money Magazine, for information to help guide your new business acquisition efforts.