The Power of Our Global Research Network™ 

Our Global Research Network™ (GRN) is a team of dedicated researchers and data scientists from around the world who are passionate about solving complex problems. They bring complementary, new ideas and culturally varied approaches - eliminating bias - while maximizing speed and model resiliency.


Dozens of world-class Ph.D. scientists with backgrounds in advanced AI, machine learning, data modeling, and data science make up our deep GRN bench.

The Key to Unlocking the Right Decision with Speed and Accuracy

With decades of experience and unique problem-solving skills, our GRN builds non-correlated, robust models so your organization can make informed and accurate decisions in near real time.


Collaborating for Predictions

Our global team collaborates via an open cloud platform, accelerating the pace of discovery. This deep pool of diverse talent can efficiently scale, brandishing brainpower and expertise to rapidly create powerful predictions.