Health care is a data-rich industry, driven by rapidly evolving digital health technologies. Our AI-powered predictive analytics enable you to realize the full value of your data.

Predictive Healthcare Use Cases

How We Build Our Products

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Use Cases

Identify the toughest challenges facing business leaders in consumer goods and frame them as prediction problems.

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Proprietary Assets

Leverage our Global Research Network™, repository of alternative data, Predict-Optimize-Simulate™ process and the Quanto™ Platform.

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Deliver accurate, actionable, accessible SaaS products driving real impact across the organization.

Delivering Predictions in Healthcare

Our prediction products will always be the most accurate, actionable, and accessible in the industry.


Global Research Network™  of top data scientists create hundreds of models per prediction problem.

3rd Party Data leveraged
extensively reveals insights
for customers on day 1. 


Predict-Simulate-Optimize™ methodology enables 'what if' scenario planning and prescriptive capabilities.

Top Industry Experts ensure the right use-cases are addressed and tailor the output to customer's specific needs.


Intuitive Front End empowers customer's teams with fully self-service predictions, insights and recommendations.

Internal Platform provides a powerful back-end architecture to ensure time-resilient output at scale.

The Predictive Approach

Customer Decision Trees (CDTs) are powerful visual illustrations of how customers make purchasing decisions based on a product's features and characteristics. In this whitepaper, we explain how our proprietary predictive methodology overcomes the three main challenges to developing meaningful CDTs: data, readability, and speed.

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