Enabling Companies to See Around Corners

We deliver rapid and highly accurate AI-powered prediction products that give organizations a decision-making edge over the competition.

The Purpose of AI is Prediction

Make Wiser Moves

WorldQuant Predictive is the leader in delivering AI-powered prediction products that solve organizations' business challenges. We give companies rapid, actionable insights, forecasts and recommendations that enable them to see around corners and make optimal decisions. Our unique approach outperforms the industry for accuracy and speed-to-prediction.


Prediction Is In Our Genes

WorldQuant Predictive’s heritage is predictably innovative. For years, prediction tools have been used with great effectiveness in the quantitative finance arena. Today, we apply these pioneering philosophies to other industries so they, too, can use the power of prediction to make optimal decisions.

Walking a Different Way to Work

At WQP, we like to say we walk a different way to work. Our data scientists share an intellectual curiosity and the drive to look at your business challenges from different angles. We solve prediction problems others can’t. Here’s how we do it:



We start by framing your toughest business challenges as prediction problems, then set the best minds in our Global Research Network to building predictive models that could solve them.



Hundreds of models compete for supremacy on our predictive analytics platform, Quanto™, at speed and at scale.



The winning models emerge to tell you where your domain is headed, so you can make business decisions based on data and certainty, not guesswork.

How do we deliver AI-powered actionable predictions within weeks, not months?

Watch this video to find out what makes WQP unique, and how our predictions can give your business a competitive edge.

Where We Focus

Our pioneering approach works across a number of verticals. WorldQuant Predictive has particularly robust data sources and relationships that benefit clients in the healthcare, retail and financial services sectors.



We enable health care organizations to extract value from their data, using AI predictive analytics to solve significant challenges such as identifying population health risks, predicting optimal patient care pathways, and maximizing resource utilization.

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Retail & CPG

In the retail and consumer packaged goods space, our predictions around innovation, demand, customer acquisition, and pricing give leaders the power to nimbly pivot ahead of changing market trends and consumer preferences.

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Financial Services

Commercial and retail banks engage our team to keep their bottom lines robust. Our predictions help them reduce their lending risks, and maximize margins with targeted pricing.   

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Predictions in Action

Our approach achieves results. Clients range from Fortune 250 companies to agile, fast-growing biopharma companies. They turn to us for insights and answers they can’t find elsewhere. When historical data was no longer relevant in predicting store demand in a pandemic, we helped a leading retailer accurately forecast individual store sales within 2% of actual receipts. With life sciences companies, we advance scientific knowledge and speed up the development of cures by applying our AI tools and novel thinking. And our Quanto™ platform delivers powerful insights that allow pharmaceutical companies to improve patient adherence and outcomes.

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