Prices & Discounts

Set the optimal list prices and apply the right temporary reductions to maximize ongoing gains.


Predicting Optimal Pricing

Our approach captures the true (non-linear) price sensitivity of shoppers enabling our clients to receive accurate elasticity coefficients at scale and ongoing prescriptions of profit maximising list prices and temporary price reductions.

Proven Approach

We predict a relationship between price, demand, and profits under various market conditions for each product in the portfolio.

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Demand Curves &
Profit Maximization

Predict how shoppers will react to any granular combination of base price and temporary price reductions through accurate demand & profit curves created for each product.

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Predicted Price Elasticities

Predict the estimated relationship between price and sales for each product at scale to classify items by price sensitivity and to identify quick wins from potential price increases.

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Continually set the right level of discounts (price reductions) to rapidly capitalise on changing market conditions in an omnichannel environment.

Optimal Pricing

We provide a scientific methodology based on resilient predictions to accurately assess the impact of price changes on product level and on the whole assortment level. Our approaches continuously deliver the right information Pricing Managers need to make optimal decisions. We also embed our algorithms into automatic pricing systems to ensure ongoing optimization at scale.


Prediction Products

We solve problems across industries. Our turn-key solutions enable business users to make optimal decisions. We deliver intuitive UIs and integrate with existing workflows.

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Assortment & Innovation

Proprietary models predict portfolio performance based on the combination of product features.

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Promo & Marketing

Calculating the effect of promo and marketing activities on sales and quantify the expected lift from each.

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Customers & Prospects

We enable teams to better convert leads, increase the lifetime value of customers, and avoid customer churn.

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Demand & Location

Forecasting product sales and predicting the economic potential of certain zip codes and regions for companies.

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