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Companies using our AI-powered prediction products achieve a true competitive edge. Our products deliver rapid, actionable insights, forecasts and recommendations so businesses can see around corners and make optimal decisions.

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We Build and Deliver So You Can Run Your Business


Each prediction product is built with a custom mix of customer-specific and third-party, alternative data, keeping scalability and transparency in mind.


WQP’s data scientists and business specialists provide ongoing support with fresh data, updated models and refinements to give our customers a resilient AI-powered product they can rely on as their businesses change.


Our AI-powered prediction products are accessible from an online interface as easy-to-use applications designed for non-technical users, tailored to customer needs and seamlessly integrated into their workflows.

Our Clients Appreciate WQP’s Ability to Get Quick, Actionable Insights

" WorldQuant Predictive combines human research with AI and machine learning and in cases where we have huge disruptions, that is the winning combination.”

Retail Analytics V.P.
Fortune 10 Company

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We have a library of resources for those who want to harness the power of AI-enabled prediction products.

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