Why WQP?

WorldQuant Predictive's (WQP's) mission is to enable customers to make immediate predictions from the world's data. WQP optimizes decision making by empowering business users with AI-powered insights, fueled by troves of external data


Immediate Predictions

Signal Factory

WQP's proprietary processes and technology extracts signals from thousands of data sources around the world and uses them to create AI-powered predictions to aid in decision making. This revolutionary approach enables AI to be deployed at a previously unknown scale and speed.

Thousands of pre-evaluated data sets

Powered by the world's data, clients get full functionality on day one, without the need to clean and integrate internal data.


Continuous Accuracy

Highly Accurate Predictions

Our global network of data scientists develops models collaboratively. The diversity of their approaches reveals signals that others miss and improves accuracy.  In addition, our unrivaled library of alternative and third-party data finds alphas that are often overlooked.

Ongoing testing and validation

Our models are persistently accurate due to ongoing testing and validation. As the relevance of some signals decay, they are replaced with new signals to keep pace with a rapidly changing world.


Empowered Decision Makers

Ready-made analytic apps

We deliver AI-powered predictions directly to business users, eliminating the need for internal analyst or data science resources. 


Our apps empower business users with the ability to test "what if" scenarios that reveal the optimal choices for decision making.

World Class

Our approach has been proven at Fortune 200 retail and CPG companies, and in the world of quantitative finance.

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