Exponential technology to build the future faster

WorldQuant Predictive is a venture lab: a factory for world-changing ideas. We help build companies powered by exponential technologies and driven by a common artificial intelligence platform. We work with leading entrepreneurs on high-impact technologies designed to alter the future of humankind.

We look to partner with companies across the following areas.


Artificial Intelligence

A core focus of our approach is to integrate AI across sectors, powered by our underlying platform.


Space Exploration

We are working on making space more accessible and harnessing its unlimited potential for next-generation communication.


Finance & DeFi

We are reimagining financial systems through fintech platforms that offer systematic alpha and previously unavailable insights. Our focus is on developing blockchain technology as well as DeFi tech and assets.



We look to partner with companies that are building intelligent, adaptable robots to transform manufacturing, healthcare, logistics and other sectors.


Health & Genomics

We are working with leading entrepreneurs to unlock the secrets of DNA and economize healthcare, making medicine more targeted and personal. We are also focused on driving improvements in agriculture and environmental science.


Quantum & Alternative Computing

We believe in quantum technologies, from computing to software and sensing. We also work with companies that are exploring other ways of building high-performance computers beyond traditional architecture.



We are interested in autonomous aviation, high-speed land mass transit and all the enabling technologies — AI routing, batteries and autonomy — that will make transportation more efficient, accessible and sustainable.



In collaboration with WorldQuant University, we are focused on building technologies that will make education higher quality, more accessible and customized to the needs of each student.