Reframing Business Challenges as Prediction Problems

Our global network of experts reframes business challenges as prediction problems, then rapidly generates powerful, accurate solutions with an unwavering focus on business optimization.

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Our Process

To every project, WorldQuant Predictive applies a rigorous scientific process built on a solid foundation of AI and machine learning expertise. This capacity, combined with a global talent bench operating around the clock, enables us to rapidly sift through vast data sets, detect signals, and create and test predictive models. The result? Timely, accurate, business-optimizing solutions.

What Makes Us Different

Here’s how we can help companies solve their most critical business challenges with speed, accuracy and scale.


Global Research Network

Experts from around the world with backgrounds in AI, advanced machine learning, data modeling, and data science collaborate to create diverse, unbiased model libraries.


Data, Signals & Mass Ensembles

We use proprietary and alternative data to find multiple, non-correlated signals and build resilient, ensembled models, while our federated learning platform ensures data privacy and security.



We simulate the impact of decision variables against our clients’ KPIs to test for optimal courses of action—in real time and at scale.


Deep Domain Expertise

Access to industry leaders in retail and healthcare ensures that real-world expertise informs predictions and recommendations.

Ready to Leverage the Power of Prediction?