Demand & Location

Accurately forecast the performance of current and potential products and whole selling points to enable optimal business planning.


Forecasting Point of Sales Performance

We provide our clients high-granularity forecasts by location and product to enable better supply chain management and sales planning. Our clients benefit from industry-leading accuracy in predicting the performance of existing or new (innovation) products at any level of granularity available. Also, to support location planning and market-entry decisions, we calculate the economic potential on zip code level and predict the long-term viability of an area for given business profiles.

Proven Approach

Using proprietary predictive models we forecast sales and other KPIs by location and by product.

Icons_Market Basket Analysis

Sales Forecasting

Predicting the demand and sales of existing products, and accurately anticipating the performance of new (innovation) products not yet on the market.

Icons_Out of Stock Prediction

Out-of-Stock Predictions

Delivering early warnings of out-of-stock products both in stores and on e-channels to optimize automatic stock replenishment systems.

Icons_Geospacial Predictions

Geospatial Predictions

Quantifying the current and future potential of geo-locations on zip code level and segmenting the local shopper base by spending patterns and economic behavior.


Optimal Planning

We bring product companies a robust approach for optimizing inventory and supply-chain management by supplying ongoing sales forecasts with industry-leading precision. We also help executives make strategic decisions about closing and opening locations or about starting a new business line by accurately predicting the demand side dynamics for locations and activity type.

Prediction Products

Our turnkey AI solutions, intuitive UIs and workflow integration enable companies to rapidly make optimal decisions at scale.


Assortment & Innovation

Proprietary models predict portfolio performance based on the combination of product features.

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Prices & Discounts

We quantify how consumers will react to price and discount changes under various market conditions.

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Promo & Marketing

Calculate the effect of promo and marketing activities on sales and quantify the expected lift from each.

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Customers & Prospects

We enable teams to better convert leads, increase the lifetime value of customers, and avoid customer churn.

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