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Quanto is WorldQuant Predictive’s leading edge technology platform that allows our clients to create and apply predictive solutions to large pools of third-party data—without handing over proprietary assets. It’s a win/win, protecting confidential data while yielding trail-blazing predictions.

Our Platform


Quanto Enables

resilient models to be built at scale, with minimal cost and time to production.


Prediction Products or Direct Access

to our platform and model

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of pre-built, non-correlated models
for industry-specific use cases.

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Network of

creating dozens of models
for each specific use case.


Data Blend

of third-party and
client data.

Open, Collaborative Platform

Quanto™️ is a collaborative platform that gives our clients and partner data scientists a place to gather and work together in the cloud. From this vantage point, they ensemble non-correlated models and apply new methodology and techniques for testing and validation. Via Quanto™️, they use automation tools to generate models that are accurate and resilient to change. Quanto™️ enables managers to view all projects, manage costs, and track model performance as it relates to business-user KPIs. Pre-built templates for various business use cases are also available.

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Automated Testing/Validation

WorldQuant Predictive’s proprietary technology eliminates massive challenges that may arise in the critical final steps of model pre-production and post-production testing and validation. This enables scaling of analytics projects without the need to increase the size of your teams. Automation removes bias, and enables resilient prediction output over the life of adapting and evolving models.

Our Ensembler

Years of experience and expertise in quantitative finance is behind our ensembling methodology. It is a key element in building resiliency and mitigating the risk of model decay. Our tools make it possible for large amounts of non-correlated models, built on alternative and clients' first-party data, to be ensembled and placed in production. The result is accurate, reliable, and lasting predictions at scale.

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Management Console

Managers of analytics teams can view all projects and their progress, assign resources, manage cost-per-prediction, and monitor model performance. The Quanto™️ collaborative cloud platform is open to unlimited users, so that knowledge and models can be shared across distributed teams. This is a valuable asset for your business, as knowledge is published, stored, and distributed within your company.

UI-Driven Workflow

We offer intuitive, user-driven workflows in the platform, facilitating sharing of key methodologies and re-use of models. We publish our models and techniques, and facilitate true collaboration between team members. Model catalogues are searchable, and the time to get to production-ready models is shortened.

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UI and App Integration

We offer portable options to integrate models into existing infrastructure and workflows. We can integrate model output with existing visualization tools as well as customize output UIs as needed. Once in production, we can maintain and optimize models as underlying data changes to ensure decisions are made on the most accurate and reliable outputs.

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