Our Technology

WQP Components are the core of our Prediction Products. The WQP Components are a blend of four layers of proprietary technology, (1) Data Pipeline, (2) Predictive Engine, (3) Optimization Module, (4) Intelligent Dashboards & Apps. Each WQP Component answers specific business questions and interlocking them creates our unique Prediction Products. This technology brings the most Accurate, Actionable and Accessible results to our customers.

WQP Proprietary technology & architecture enables us to deploy our Prediction Products at scale. Our Prediction Products are built from an ever-growing library of WQP Components.

WQP Component Library

Each WQP Component answers a specific business question that can be interchanged and customized for Customers.

Component A

What is driving demand?

Component B

How to optimize marketing?

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How should I optimize my salesforce?

Every WQP Component is a unique combination of four proprietary technology layers:

WQP Data Pipeline | WQP Predictive Engine | WQP Optimization Module | WQP User Interface & Workflow

Demand Curve Factors Impacting Demand Socio-Economic Demographic Covid-19 Quantile Regression Response Curves Spend Impacting ROI Polynomial Regression Digital Media Spend / Transactions Hierarchical Segments Outreach Impacting Conversions K-Means Regression Tress CRM Demographic Covid-19 Component A Component B Component C

Principles of Our Products

Our Proprietary Technology, Architecture and Processes infused with industry leading expertise enables our products to produce the most Accurate, Actionable and Accessible predictive & prescriptive analytics on the market.


Global Research Network™ of top data scientists create hundreds of models per prediction problem.

3rd Party Data leveraged
extensively reveals insights
for customers on day 1. 


Predict-Simulate-Optimize™ methodology enables 'what if' scenario planning and prescriptive capabilities.

Top Industry Experts ensure the right use-cases are addressed and tailor the output to customer's specific needs.


Intuitive Front End empowers customer's teams with fully self-service predictions, insights and recommendations.

Internal Platform provides a powerful back-end architecture to ensure time-resilient output at scale.

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