Novel AI-Enabled Virtual Screening Tool Identifies Most Promising Approved Drugs for Success in Treating COVID-19

How WorldQuant Predictive Developed a Virtual Screening Tool To Identify Promising Drugs for Diseases Like COVID-19

In the fall of 2020, WorldQuant Predictive, a leader in AI prediction products, undertook the development of a virtual AI-enabled screening tool predictive model for medical research. The goal of the project was to solve something that has evaded scientists to date—how to quickly find and identify already known compounds to treat diseases–saving critical time, and lives. 

This white paper details the project that used a repository of data from the CAS REGISTRY®, an exhaustive library that includes more than 177 million unique organic and inorganic substances. This paper explores our methodology, key data sets and the COVID-19 treatment candidates identified. 

We believe this model can be replicated by outside researchers to rapidly screen compounds and we welcome others to use it and  invite collaboration. Please download the white paper below and share with your colleagues. You can also read a scientific paper on this topic published in peer-reviewed journal, ACS Omega, in February, 2021. If WorldQuant Predictive can help solve your company’s predictions problems, drop us a line at info@wqpredictive.com.